East African Fisheries

Promo documentary movie for the East African Fisheries organisations

From Bitter to Sweet, Cocoa Production in Congo

Documentary about cocoa production in the Kivu region in Congo. The movie follows the cocoa from planting the cocoa with shadow trees to the chocolate bar in the shops in Europe.

Uganda aromatics, essential oil production

Movie about aromatic crops and essential oil production in Uganda.

Oils from Palmarosa Grass, Citronella and Lemon Grass.

Shot and edited by Kitsha Kyasi Joseph

Mlisada orphanage, Music and Arts School

Mlisada orphanage, Kampala, Uganda, giving streetchildren hope and a future by using music and dance.

Bayimba Festival Fashion show

Bayimba Festival 2011 Fashion show at National Theatre in Kampala, Uganda.

the African Court of Human and Peoples' Rights

Info documentary about the African Court of Human and Peoples Rights which has its head quarters in Arusha, Tanzania.

Do Pyramids exist in Bosnia-Herzegovina

Scientific congress in Sarajevo Bosnia 2008 about pyramids discovered in the area in 2005. Scientists from all-over the world give their ideas.